Auckland you beauty!

Including yourself 💓

Sugar Free September! 30 days without refined sugar. You can do it!

Recipe for sugar free bliss balls is on


Happy 1st day of Spring! We may not have the sun shining but we can definitely be that warmth, radiating from us all.

There are so many shitty things happening in this world right now and I don’t see that changing very soon. But right now we do have control over how we think, feel and act.

So let us all be rays of sunshine that when it hits us makes us instantly feel alive, positive, happy and energised…

Spring has sprung yo!

#keepingitreal #Aotearoa #NZ

Fall in love 💓

Love Sundays!

As long as you’re not hurting yourself, others & the world, live your life the way you damn well please 🙏💃💓✌

Found my first green protein smoothie post from May 2010!!! Back in my Eggcel biz days 😊

These are my fav! Look at the detail!

@fitforevergymwear (at The Honest Food Company)