Me. Right now. Hadn’t planned to be making up orders until 6.30pm but shtuff happened and had to be done.

Normally I would take time out to enjoy one of my yummy protein bars but just didn’t stop.

Now I am one very hungry caterpillar!

Happy Wednesday my fellow wierdos 😚

We must take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.

This is why I have had to push aside all the Things to Do, cancel meetings & focus on my health & wellbeing. So that means relaxing, removing the stress (as much as possible) and putting myself to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day & it will be a super productive one because I took today off 🙏💓


Time to be inspired to get out of the funk you’re in ladies!


Every night before you go to sleep 💖

Here’s a shot of SERIAL Primal Protein Mix, Naked & Organic Cacao Blend Protein Powders before they were packaged up.

This order was made up today & delivered to @fitshopnz

Looking forward to seeing the pics on their shelves 😊🙌💪

Wooo hooooooo! Just delivered the full collection to @fitshopnz - another awesome retailer on board!

(at Fitshop)

Aww our bubba trees are bearing fruit!

We call this quick “sweet treat” HAWT MESS.

It’s mashed banana, Naked protein & almond butter cooked like a fry up. Takes a few minutes. Yummy dessert style protein fix for kids!

Missymoo asked me to video her … 😇💓

PS you can buy Naked Protein here as well as @wilderandhunt and from Monday @fitshopnz

Get in mah mouth! Perfect snack after a busy day!

Yummy Big Poppa Protein Pop 😆