My lil mascot 😚😇💕

Look for my hat! @thehonestfoodco is in the ATEED Auckland On The Menu area, back of Pavilion 2. Come see me and my team at The Food Show from Fri - Sun. Woo hoooooo! (at The Food Show @ ASB Showgrounds)

Oooh yeah!!!! (at ASB Showgrounds)

The Food Show is almost here!

A great shot of @thehonestfoodco protein bars that each participant received at Dr Tammy Hume’s A Beautiful You workshop. What a great start to a session!

#regram from @motivatemenz

#lovemytribe @thehonestfoodco

FYI @thehonestfoodco 😊

@thehonestfoodco protein bars are selling so well at @birdonawirenz they are now trialing them at @boxofbird 😊😆 High 5 👋

Dropped off some yummy Heavenly @heilalavanilla Almond Protein Bars today and hooked myself up lunch, delicious chicken & kumara salad! Win win! 👍

Yummy @thehonestfoodco samples for The Food Show VIP Goodie Bags 😊😋

Me. PMS. Filling a bean bag. Never again 😡😜